NVC Book

I wish this book was required reading in our schools – it is the perfect and most effective way to bully-proof and abuse-proof our kids (NVC and a martial art).

It has long been known that the most vulnerable kids are those that have the most fragile self esteems. (And that can so easily be all of us, as we go through various stages of childhood). Especially if those vulnerable kids are hidden in a large population of other kids, all going through their own difficult stages.

NVC is one of the best ways to help these vulnerable kids – and a great example of the beauty of  the KISS (keep it simple, son or sister) principle. NVC is also very difficult to actually do!

Similar to the NVC CD but in book form, this book forms the foundation of human development and growth. There is also a matching NVC workbook which is a good way to make sure you fully understand the book and can put it to work for you in your life. You can also find a good counsellor or email with me individually: a month of emails plus the workbook will transform your life and free you to find real success.

NVC aka A Language of Life is the language we are all born speaking, whether we’re from Tibet or Tanzania. Schools, churches, governments and parent all conspire to teach us a language of confrontation, separation and fear. Albeit in Tibetan or Tanzanian!

When I first read/listened to Marshall talking about NVC, my eyes filled with sadness, regret and a recognition of what I knew to be true in the deepest part of me. I will talk about the actual components of NVC and go into it more deeply on a separate page so that I can give it the attention it deserves.

NVC is without doubt the kindest, most compassionate language anywhere – and it brings success and peace whether you’re alone (self-empathy is one of the most important parts of NVC I think), a couple, a family, a school, a corporation or a country. Some of Marshall’s latest – and very successful – work has been in countries torn apart by civil war and hatred, such as Rwanda and the Middle East.

Invite NVC into your life – you won’t believe how clear the cloudiest issues look. NVC is based on needs and addressing those needs directly. It’s important to avoid moralizing, blaming, shaming and judging – of yourself as well as of others – and this book will show you how to do that.  It will also explain the importance of separating thoughts, feelings and needs – all enriched with self knowledge and served up with a generous helping of kindness and respect. Life is too precious for anything less.