Total Biology – Part 1

Written by Martin Guay Total Biology is the result of over 35 years of scientific research, clinical experience, personal research, and study of renowned international authors by Dr. Claude Sabbah. Total Biology is a set of findings and principles that solidly places the nature of disease on universal biological principles and on the interaction between … Read more

Neuropsychology – Study of the Brain and CNS

Written by Julie Taylor Neuropsychology is a fascinating blend of psychology and neuroscience that aims to understand how the structure and function of the brain relate to specific psychological processes, brain plasticity (the ability of the brain to rewire) and overt behaviors. It is scientific in its approach and shares an information processing view of … Read more

Counselling (Counseling) Therapy

Written by Julie Taylor What Is a Counsellor? Some people expect a counsellor to tell you what to do and that they will give advice.  This is not what we do…  For better or for worse?!  Whether that’s a good thing depends on whether you want that or not!  Most clients do not want to … Read more

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Written by Humphrey Killam Oxygen – The Primal Nutrient Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is 100% safe and is incredibly effective… Without oxygen we cannot live. Our energy comes from burning sugars and fats with oxygen. The biggest energy-hogs are cells in the brain – the little electricity-producing  pump-cells Irreversible brain death starts after just 4 minutes … Read more

Nutritional / Vitamin Therapy

Written by Julie Taylor This is actually my favourite subject – and the one that I find to be the most important in my own rebuilding.  As someone who has experienced serious physical trauma – in particular a brain injury – it’s very tricky and incredibly important to maintain your level of wellness.  Good quality … Read more

Depression – Is There A Way Out?

Written by Julie Taylor Depression is probably one of the most misused and trickiest of the invisible disabilities and it can be very difficult to heal. It is misused by both the medical profession as a sort of ‘catch all’ diagnosis to help explain anything doctor’s don’t know the real answer to. It’s also claimed … Read more

Fatigue Busters For You To Try

Written by Julie Taylor 28 Tips for Saving Energy – the Health Kind… #1 Tip: Get a Computer (and maybe try it even if you hate the very idea… ) (Save over $224 on a new HP Pavilion G60 laptop computer) The first tip of all – an absolute ‘must’ – get a light laptop … Read more