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Me with 3 of my sons, Dan Ben and Thomas and one grandson, Cobe
Me with 3 of my sons, Dan Ben and Thomas and one grandson, Cobe

Parenting / Counselling – Parenting’s not as simple as it was in the past – although I doubt it was ever that simple!  In the ‘good old days’ there were extended family members to advise and support young families through the difficult years. Now both parents are often working, blended families are the norm and there’s often little support from friends and family. And, of course, there’s no time and both partners have to work!

There are ways to communicate so that your kids can hear and understand what you’re saying. Learning to connect with your kids and partner with NVC can work miracles. It is so simple and yet so very powerful. I raised 4 healthy sons, some of the time alone. It was a noisy and boisterous house, for sure.

Things are occasionally so busy in our lives that they’re almost overwhelming – on a daily basis. If some sort of trauma should hit, there’s often simply ‘nothing left’ emotionally. When you need it most there may be no ‘extra’ support available. On top of that, the continual stress may flood the body with adrenalin much of the time. No wonder the divorce rate and bad behavior are so high and on the rise.  My life has included one or two serious traumas and so I learned firsthand what this meant and what I had to do to remain sane and raise great sons. Ask me to share what I have learned and walk with you on the parenting path.

Part of my official training included psychosocial development from birth to adulthood and aging. I also studied child psychology and parenting skills.  I quickly realized though that real-life experience shaped this knowledge into something truly valuable.

Over the years I learned firsthand what works in parenting. And what doesn’t. I discovered that translating what you’ve read into practice often takes some hands-on guidance. It absolutely can be done – even in the toughest situations – and I’ve seen what it takes to build confident, contented young men and women. I’ve done it myself, several times over. Both well and not so well – as my sons would laughingly agree!.  With client teenagers I’ve enjoyed some great successes and I find it an absolute joy to work with girls. One of my favorite jobs was facilitating workshops for the Red Cross in high-schools, teaching young men and women how to build healthy relationships. I would like to help you create your strong family… However difficult your present situation.

My oldest son, Matt, winning the Tour de Rock
My oldest son, Matt, winning the Tour de Rock

Family life can be rich and satisfying – with the right tools. Some of the most wonderful, compassionate and plain common-sense tools I’ve found are in NVC (with some Imago).  I believe that if people understand that their emotions- all emotions – are ‘normal’  and learn what their needs and values are, then life is not so scary and it makes more sense. After all, taking care of your own needs is vital for happiness but how can you ask for something when you don’t even know that you need or want it?  I use custom-designed ConnectionCue cards to help learn this ‘Language of Life’ – NVC by Marshall Rosenberg – and have enjoyed some incredible successes, personally and with clients.

I love working with young couples before they get married to create strong relationships. I’m in my element when I’m helping young parents to make their experience of family and parenting a successful one. It’s why I do what I do and my clients make my day when they tell me how much difference this has made in their lives, particularly very difficult situations.

I am a registered Vancouver counsellor and relationship communication specialist – not forgetting that most important relationship with yourself and with your children.

I look forward to meeting you and finding out how I can help you.

Warm wishes,

Julie E Taylor MTC RCS
Master Therapeutic Counsellor
Registered Counselling Supervisor

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ACCT – Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada


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