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Physical health counselling is complex and something I am well qualified to help you with. Co-ordinating all of your health appointments – and doing it in such a way so as to maximize effectiveness – is quite a task. It’s important to find out exactly what is available for you and to co-ordinate your treatment to get the best results possible.

Given the right support, the human body is nothing short of an amazing self-healing wonder. I know that for 100% sure, from both professional and my own personal experience.

In addition, more and more doctors are recommending their clients seek physical health counselling to help them with their physical problems. Stress is readily accepted as being a major cause, if not at least part of the problem,  in many diseases.

The body flourishes with support with vitamins and certain supplements on a daily basis but when we are sick these supplements are essential. Our body’s requirements may also need adjusting and include massage, chiropractic, nutritional counselling and a myriad of other alternative treatments at certain times. Our job is to know how to support the body and the body will then strengthen and begin to heal. I can help.

German New Medicine as part of Physical Health Counselling

GNM believes that physical symptoms may be driven by the psyche and that, within a certain set of rules, almost like a  ‘stethoscope’ taught to its practitioners, GNM can improve healing.  This has been found to be increasingly accurate.

It’s about using our physical symptoms to help us decipher what’s going on for us and linking our physical health to our psyche. CT brain scans help to make those diagnoses and predictions and GNM has mapped out where we need to work.

There will be a psychological event that coincides with your precise physical illness and the unique way that you, personally, perceive it. Both your psychological and physical health will improve once you understand the link. GNM is a very useful tool for great health – in addition to many other tools, traditional and alternative, at our disposal.

The psyche helps us control of our wellness and can ‘turn on’ healing. It’s power is complete and I would be glad to help you navigate these waters.

Non Violent (Compassionate) Communication as part of Physical Health Counselling

Learn to express what’s in your heart in a gentle way that you are comfortable with. Find the courage to explore what’s in your mind. Be compassionate to your body and it will reward you with a lifetime of good service.

Trust the innate wisdom held in your body to guide you to the place where you are happy and comfortable in your own skin. Give yourself the blessing of knowledge through NVC (Compassionate Communication) and enrich your relationship with yourself and others with Imago style work. This individual and couples work naturally flows into the GNM world. Explore this exciting complete paradigm shift: a challenge even for those who already believe in alternative and energy medicine but one that is so very worthwhile.

GNM (German New Medicine) has researched and mapped the connections between psyche, brain and body – in detail. There is amazing consistency and almost no exceptions. Certain psychological shocks cause certain physical conditions. These reflect in certain places in the brain and there are CT scans to show each connection. GNM explains these links so that we may disconnect them, should we choose. In this process my clients have begun to heal their own physical challenges, including cancer, with more success than their traditional doctors alone could predict.

GNM can also help to completely heal cancer and serious illness and chronic diseases. I have  seen this myself. However, the usual course is to improve health, often permanently.  However to completely cure a condition is less usual because each and every one of us will have a unique perception of events and occasionally we do lose people we love – whatever treatment methods we choose.

The only guarantee is that we can all live our lives to the absolute fullest and it would be my honour to work with you.

Julie E Taylor MTC RCS
Master Therapeutic Counsellor
Registered Counselling Supervisor

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