ReBuildingYou Steps One, Two, Three… Successful Rehabilitation, Where Do I Start?

ReBuildingYou Steps One, Two, Three
Successful Rehabilitation, Where Do I Start?

How do you start of rebuild your health? Where on earth do you start? Take one step now. Right now. Tomorrow add another. Slowly you’ll start to make progress. I’ve never heard a magic answer – although I do have one client who insists that he’s not going to exercise or make any special effort because one day he will recover and there’s nothing he – or I – can do that will make that any quicker. I sympathize completely with how he feels. Why should he have to do any of these things? That’s where he is now and before you can make any changes you have to ready…


A pre-thing you can do for someone like this is (who isn’t yet ready to start rehabilitation) to buy them alaptop computer so that they can prepare for the mountain of a task of getting ready for their rehabilitation by keeping in touch with friends, listening to Audiobooks , browsing the internet, watching movies, listening to music, reading articles like these, joining forums and taking part in online communities, studying self help programs and even starting to retrain and/or starting a new business online. Everyone has something that they know like the back of their hand and good information makes a highly prized website.

The first thing to do is download the free ReBuildingYou Roadmap. You will see that for each day there are 5 spaces – one for each colour. Don’t feel that you have to fill each space. It’s just a good thing to be more conscious of every activity and bear in mind that every colour is important. Become more conscious of all your movements.

Another way to do this exercise is at the end of the day… Think about what you’ve already done and how those tasks could fit into the Roadmap. Gradually you’ll find that even as you do them you start thinking of them as deliberate exercises in the various colours and pay more attention to how you do them. For example even brushing my teeth is more deliberate now and I stand on one leg to improve my balance or do some ab exercises while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil!

The second thing to do is start exercising. Does a bodybuilder have beautifully defined muscles without effort? Do an ice-skater’s legs take on that gorgeous shape without work? How does a champion cyclist get to the top of his sport? Each one of them has to practice. They repeat their exercise over and over and over… But it’s not all hard work. The athletes I’ve spoken to all – every single one of them – love their sport. They thoroughly enjoy every minute of their practice. They look forward to – pine for – their hour in the gym. What would you enjoy? Set up your practice in such a way that it’ll become a joy. Set yourself up for success!

Would you rather be inside or outside? With a group or alone? If you chose to try walking, would you rather be on a beach, in a park, using a treadmill at your local gym or at a mall? Already there are several choices– and that’s just for walking. Would you like to watch TV, listen to music on headphones or just enjoy whatever sounds are around you? Set up – customize – whatever you do in such a way that you’ll really enjoy it.

Exercise is the one sure way that you will help the muscles in your body to be in the best possible shape and so have the best chance of recovery. I believe – from personal experience – and from talking to hundreds of other rebuilders – that if we give the body every single possible building block necessary, it will rebuild. Better than any medical drug. Our bodies are nothing short of miracles.

Before you start any official exercise, check with your doctor that you can do the exercise you propose. Start out by sitting upright for a short while and as time passes pay more and more attention to posture. Add a short walk and pay attention to each part of the movement. A fun and useful thing to do is to exaggerate each movement. Did you ever see Monty Python and the Ministry of Silly Walks? This link may make you smile!  Anything that you do can be turned into something fun – and the exercise is excellent too. I spent 6 weeks once taking a course in Somatics (another fabulous exercise that’s particularly good when you have limited mobility) and on the last day we learned how to exaggerate our walk because to do so makes it wonderful exercise.

The third thing I would do is find a great multi vitamin and good quality supplements/protein. Now…

If you have very little motivation and don’t really want to do anything much yet, you could start with this step. This will almost certainly help you feel better in general with a little more energy and motivation to take the next step. There’s a page on my site devoted to vitamins and supplements and I will be adding to it as the website builds.

Twenty five years later I still become exhausted and break out in acne very easily. This is gently explained to me as happening because I am now – and I guess will always be? – a fragile egg… I have to take very great care to maintain my health and the slightest neglect (I easily forget my vitamins and supplements) or ‘extra’ stress has an immediate and obvious effect. I have to be careful to get a proper sleep and to eat and drink ‘right’. Sometimes I can’t be bothered and every time I’m greeted by a huge zit or dark circles under my eyes. Then I remember…

There are lots of products out there – many of which I’ve tried and most of which have very little effect on me. That doesn’t mean to say they won’t be good for you. However I will pass on to you what’s worked and what hasn’t because that may be a good way to at least start without it costing you a fortune.  Feel free though to vary what you do – and be sure to keep me posted so that I can pass along your discoveries.

So, to recap…

1. Use the ReBuildingYou Roadmap to help you become more aware of the things you’re already doing. And to help you be conscious of paying attention to each of your colours…

2. Exercise… Start small by becoming more conscious of the exercise you already do… Exaggerate your movements – which makes better exercise of everything you do. Challenge yourself to sit out of bed or walk a little more and a little further each day. When you’re ready, go to the exercise pages here and eventually try formal exercise – pilates is great.

3. Take vitamins and supplements… There are vitamins and supplements available to suit every budget.  Give your body the basic building blocks and it will amaze you with it’s powers of recovery. Glutathione is one of the most effective supplements known to man – and the best basic multi (Usana) is vital before any other supplement can really have an effect.

So get started!  And once you’re comfortable with this page – maybe print it out – then go on to steps 4,5 and 6!

Good luck!  And let me know how you get on by clicking here