Slide Presentations

I’m sorry – it may be some months before Powerpoint and Keynote Presentations will be available for you to show and share with your own group.

In the meantime, remember: knowledge is power!

You can read the material on this website, print it out or send the link to others, that they may read it too.  Sports coaches and school counsellors can use this information to lead groups of kids to discuss, explore and learn about abuse. Abusers rely on their victim to be quiet, not tell or talk to friends and to be generally unsure of this whole topic. Far more difficult to abuse a child who already has a name for and understands exactly what you’re proposing?

What’s the best way to stop an abuser and keep safe? Be loud: for example in a crowded elevator when you feel a hand on your thigh, say in a loud, cheery voice “Good heavens! Is that a hand I feel on my thigh?” An abuser would very quickly keep his hands to him or herself. The last thing they want is an audience. Abusers depend on secrecy.

Good luck!