Total Biology Part 1

Total Biology is the result of over 35 years of scientific research, clinical experience, personal research, and study of renowned international authors by Dr. Claude Sabbah.

Martin GuayTotal Biology is a set of findings and principles that solidly places the nature of disease on universal biological principles and on the interaction between the three levels that make up the organism: the psyche, the brain and the body.

Total Biology is a therapeutic art that reawakens the subconscious mind, thus enabling it to remember our forgotten past stresses which is the root cause of illness.  These stresses sometimes represent the experiences of our parents and ancestors which are being expressed in us.
The conscious mind is able to deal with a certain amount of stress.  However, when the stress is too heavy to deal with, it is hidden in the subconscious mind.  And the result is disease or illness.

The diseases have a biological meaning. In fact, we can now categorize most of the diseases known to medicine. Diseases are actually programs of nature expressing psychological and biological events from the past in our physical body today.

Biological conflict-shocks exist throughout the animal kingdom.  However, they acquire special meaning in human beings (because of our ability for abstract thought). If an animal experiences a conflict-shock, it usually has something to do with a ‘plain’ fact.  Perhaps this conflict-shock is that a morsel of food is too big to swallow?  Or that there is an obstruction in the intestine.  Perhaps there is a life – or procreative – threatening injury?

The types of tumours that develop often increase the ability of the organism to deal with the specific crisis within a short – ‘present’ – time frame. If the crisis remains unresolved, the individual may die as a result of the transformation brought about by the growth.  The growth has increased hormonal release, increased digestive activity, increased strength of a tissue, etc. (But is no longer needed and if it continues the increased activity will result in the ultimate death of the host). If the crisis is resolved correctly, healing sets in and the tissue or organ is often left stronger than it was before.

For humans, these same conflicts are mediated by our use of language and symbol systems.  What I mean by this is that conflicts of swallowing, such as “I can’t accept this”  (I can’t swallow this)…  Or of an inability to obtain sustenance; of uncontrollable anger; of loss of territory: a lay-off at work, dismissal; of separation from your child, partner, etc.  These are all conflicts which, mediated by man’s symbolic meaning system, are transposed into human terms.

The environment or circumstances that existed at the moment of the conflict-shock become like a set of tracks… Replaying by association some of the physical elements of the conflict.  Again and again and again.

If you suffer a conflict-shock regarding separation in the hay harvest season you may develop an allergy to hay (hay-fever).  But if you’re nibbling on an orange, then you may develop an allergy to oranges.

When the environmental conditions present during the original conflict-shock are exactly reproduced – ie it could be hay season for you – it will call back the subconscious memory of being separated. In this instance, when you get itchy eyes, this is re-enacting the earlier scenario of being separated from your beloved.

So when you feel very sad at being separated, this is a very significant emotional part of your history.  During this strong emotion you happen to be breathing particles of hay in the air and the smell of hay is imprinted in you, along with this emotion.  In the future, every time you smell hay – even subconsciously – the emotional sadness is triggered.  The emotional sadness (of seeing your loved one going away) is hidden in the subconscious mind and is expressed as hay fever with streaming eyes.

Once you have made the connection consciously and express the emotional feeling that you had at this time, the hay environment will not bother you any longer… Because you have expressed what you did not – or could not – during the actual separation itself. If the allergy may cause death it is because the conflict-shock of separation is related to the death of someone.

Total Biology of Living Beings is described through natural stories, balancing the three kingdoms: plant, animal, and human”.  According to this new science, many physical pathologies find their origin in psycho-emotional stress, which is then transposed in the human body (into various diseases).

This vast work of analysis and scientific summary enables Dr Sabbah to reveal the archetypes that govern the very functioning of survival. Understanding and assimilating these archetypes empowers human beings to manage their health, answer existential questions, and correct physical or psychic dysfunctions.

Dr. Claude Sabbah is an International Professor and Lecturer. He holds a Ph.D. in Medicine and graduated from the Universities of Marseille and Paris.

Special thanks to Julie Taylor and for her collaboration with this article.

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